What is Flico Seller

Flico helps YouTubers sell their official merchandise in a unique and simple way. They can focus on doing what they are best at - "Making Videos" and we handle the rest. Get started by signing up on our Dashboard


Easy Branding

YouTube is one of the greatest platform to establish your identity. We help you bring out the best in creating your own brand. Followers love your videos but now give them more than just videos.


Easy Selling

Selling merchandise is easier than ever. Attract new buyers through visual representations of the products. Sell products even if you don't create them by providing the links of your affiliated seller service.


Increased Earnings

With our platform, your merchandise is easily available to your followers. You can increase your earnings, opportunities for more traffic to your channels and even more reasons to make more content.

How it Works

Here we take you through the steps of listing your products on our Dashboard. Complete these 3 steps and you are ready to roll.

Step 1

Register On Our Dashboard

Uploading the details of your merchandise has never been so easy. Sign up on our dashboard and avail 5000 credits and you can start uploading your products right away.

Step 2

Upload Your Products

We will take on from here. We profile your products and display them in a visual catalogue. Every time a user watches your video, they have access to your exclusive merchandise at the click of a button.

Step 3

Spread The Word

Tell your followers about Flico and share the download link. Guess what we even gift you free credits when you share. As more and more people get access to Flico the more are your chances to increase your earnings and increase your channel traffic.

Seller Demo

Check out our product demo and learn how to visually attract followers and boost revenues

Sign Up and avail 5000 credits

Give a unique experience to your followers, a visual display of your products, increase earnings and get more traffic. Sign up for our service and avail 5000 credits to use on our platform. You'll be done setting up in minutes.
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